Planting Tomatoes with vaMudhumeni Ticha

Ticha palning tomatoes

At vaMudhumeni, farming is our business and as we wind-down on this rainy summer season we are preparing our fields to grow some tomatoes to take us into the colder and drier parts of the year. We spent a day with vaMudhumeni Ticha as he was preparing to plant some tomato seeds, for seedlings at our Technical Research and Development Center and we thought we would share some of his meticulous prep process with everybody.

VaMudhumeni Ticha usually starts his day very early in the morning and we were there to capture it all. According to vaMudhumeni Ticha,  preparing the soil is one the most important steps when planting seeds directly into the ground. In this instance, he is preparing the soil by mixing it with cow manure, to provide natural fertilizers for the tomato plants as they grow.

Using a trowel, he digs shallow drills about 2.5cm deep in the prepared seedbed. He places two seeds every 20cm or so in the drills and covers the seeds to a depth of 2.5cm. We recommend that you water well if the conditions are at all dry.The seedlings should emerge in about 10 days. When they are about 5cm tall, thin to one plant every 45 to 60cm.

After sowing the seeds vaMudhumeni Ticha covers the sown seeds with dry grass (mulch) in a process called mulching. We recommend covering the seedbed with mulch to prevent the seedbed from drying up as well as to prevent sun damage on the tender seedlings.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about tomato planting from one of our senior consultants. We recently launched our very own Technical Research and Demonstration Center so we can grow our own crops, monitor, assess, study and overall improve our processes. Our goal is to give our customers a much more comprehensive experience when they contract our agricultural extension services. We want to be able to recommend crops and processes that we have studied and used ourselves.  We are thriving to get a more in-depth understanding of crops grown in our country year round, so we can engage all players in the  agricultural industry from seed-producers/suppliers/farmers and consumers from a place of personal experience and more in-depth knowledge. We also use our Technical Research and Demonstration Center as a place where our workshop participants can visit to see the practical side and get hands on training on-site from our experts.

If you have any questions or would like have a one on one consultation or would like host workshop with one of our consultants, please contact us using the information provided below.



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